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Baby Lambskins (Vegetable Tanned)

Baby Lambskins (Vegetable Tanned)

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The distinctive colour is due to the vegetable tanning of the lambskins. Therefore no chemicals are used that could harm a baby’s skin. The natural properties of the lanolin in the wool are antibacterial and hypoallergenic which are more suitable new born babies sensitive skin.

When a baby is happy all is good in the home. After 5 kids I’d know 😊 I pick lambskins that have the perfect fleece bounce and softness that will keep a baby safe, warm and comfortable. The lambskin is firm as the fleece is clipped to create a short wool length that is comfortable and helps air circulation. These Lambskins are a wonderful temperature regulator, cool in the summer and warm in winter.

Every Lambskin is hand selected with all of the above in mind. Wrapped carefully and in a clean environment and delivered with a hand written note of well wishes.

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