Shaggy Fawn Sheepskin Rug
Sheepskin rug detail

'Eileen' Shaggy Fawn Sheepskin Rug

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Unique 'Eileen' Shaggy Fawn Sheepskin Rug

This sheepskin has a true character and will change the vibe in a room ,its a throw really. Draped over a lounge or on a chair. The fleece is beautiful to touch and its long fibres just move in a tossed but always  interesting way. 

A highland sheepskin, which we call in the wool trade, Scotch wool skins.

Scotch wool fleeces have generally coarse wool. However, these skins have long, fine soft fibres which is very unusual and create a cool vibe in a room.

Dyed to these beautiful colours which really compliment modern interiors. 

Originating from highland sheep outside dingle and Killarney, county Kerry, our “shaggy’ sheepskins are guaranteed Irish designs and are just beautiful.

As these sheepskins are natural their sizes vary.

Size: 100cm x67cm

Unique Natural Irish Sheepskin Rugs