A Sustainable Irish Business

Irish Hide Designs is a company that is passionate about the environment. When we aren’t selling sheepskins and cowhides you can find us in West Clare, riding the waves.

kiteboarding in West Clare

Our business has evolved from a family company established in 1810 in Limerick.  Two hundred and eleven years later, we are still making use of this waste product of the meat industry to craft beautiful and long lasting products. Our skins are sourced in Ireland by Derek McCarthy, who knows the business probably better than anyone else in Ireland, having once been a world renowned selector of hides. Our tanning and manufacture is done in Poland by artisan producers and in collaboration with Derek who designs many of the products himself.

We only work with European suppliers and manufacturers, thereby limiting our air miles. Our products are all hand made, sustainable and finally biodegradable at the end of life.


"Purchased a Shearling Jacket from Derek. As soon as it arrived I had to give him a call - the quality is out-of-this-world. Warm, soft and clearly very durable."