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Yoga Sheepskin Rugs


These Sheepskins are exceptionally large and are twice the size of normal sheepskins . Hand selected by me for shape natural colour and fleece pile . 

Sheepskin yoga rugs are a lovely alternative to the rubber mats most people use for their daily practice. The are super soft and provide lots of cushioning when sitting for long periods. They are particularly popular with practitioners of Kundalini yoga.

You may ask if Yogi's are meant to be vegetarian or vegan but actually there is no rule against eating meat in yoga and Kundalini practitioners believe that the skins are a by-product of the meat and that the sheepskin has  helped to get to a higher place in its spiritual evolution when used for meditation.

Irish Hide Designs source sheepskins from the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland, where the animals live a happy and healthy life, and where veterinary regulations are strictly adhered to, we have the skins tanned in  Europe for happy yogis all over the world.

Our yoga sheepskin recommendations:

*Single yoga sheepskin rug extra large large (Natural white) 130cm x 85cm width PLEASE ALLOW ONE WEEK AS NOT IN STORE RIGHT NOW 

*Double vegetable tanned sheepskins stitched together, vegetable tanning gives more of a yellow colour to these double sheepskins. Hypoallergenic due to vegetable tanning. Size 200 cm length By 75 cm width. Super fine fleece wool with clipped wool to avoid matting and create a firm pile

*Quad sheepskin (Four natural white sheepskins stitched together) Size:

  • Approx: 110/120 width x 160/ 180  cm length The sizes vary as in nature each individual is different. 
  • Wool length 3-5cm  

Sheepskin holder made from leather is available here.


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