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We Are - Irish Hide Designs         

Irish Hide Designs is a luxury furniture and furnishings company that is committed to offering its customers quality products which are made from premium, natural Irish hides, lamb and sheep skins.

Our materials are sourced along the Wild Atlantic Way and our products are made using both traditional and modern manufacturing techniques. We take huge pride in the quality of our Irish source materials that are beautiful and unique.

We are inspired by the places that we visit and the people that we meet.


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Irish Hide Designs was established in 2016 with the aim of providing the highest quality Irish hide and skin products to the Irish and International markets. Underpinning the company is a wealth of experience derived from the McCarthy family who have been involved in the trade since 1810.

Ethically sourced hides

All of our skins and hides come from ethical farms in the West of Ireland where the animals are outdoors for most of the year. They are fed on the green grass of the Wild Atlantic Way, breath in the fresh air and enjoy a good quality life. These animals are mostly bred for the meat industry and our hides are a bi-product of that industry. The abattoirs in Ireland are subject to strict rules and regulations which are enforced and certified by the Irish Department of Agriculture and in accordance with strict EU regulations.

No animals are harmed to benefit our business. We believe in putting a by-product of the food industry to good use.

Provenance and Trust

Irish Hide Designs achieved Guaranteed Irish certification, the Irish symbol of provenance and trust, in order to offer assurances to our customers that we are who we say we are.


Since there are no longer any tanneries in Ireland we work closely with a small family owned tannery in Poland whose methods for tanning and dyeing are safe for workers and kind to the environment. Our carefully selected  tannery works within the guidelines laid down by the EU and satisfies our own commitment to producing an ethical product.