circular economy

The Circular Economy Model

Our hides and sheepskins are a by-product of the meat industry. They are natural, renewable and biodegradable and probably one of the most sustaina...

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sustainable wool Ireland

A Sustainable Irish Business

Irish Hide Designs is a passionate about all things natural, from the wild and windy Atlantic ocean seas to the cosy sheepskin wraps from the Wild ...

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sheepskin rug for yoga

Sheepskin Rugs for Yoga

 A sheepskin rug is a lovely alternative to the rubber mat that most people use for yoga. It is light and soft as well as being durable and hypoall...

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Donegal tweed lampshade

Donegal Tweed Lampshades

Irish Hide Designs are thrilled to be working with the very talented Siobhan Killian who makes the most beautiful Donegal tweed lampshades, bringin...

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