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Medical Grade Sheepskin Rugs - Chemical Free. Vegetable tanned


Medical Grade Sheepskin Rug

Irish Hide Designs medical grade sheepskin rugs are made from 100% real Irish sheepskin.
These Sheepskins are super-soft and tanned using a vegetable tanning system, the vegetable tanning gives the sheepskin the distinctive colour. Our medical grade sheepskins are hypoallergenic, naturally flame-retardant and will absorb moisture while insulating against heat and cold.
They are perfect for those who are confined to a chair or a bed, helping to prevent bedsores and discomfort.
They provide a luxurious soft feel against your skin due to the chemical free tanning and the natural lanolin in wool. 
Leather sheepskin holder is available for €30 extra. Purchase here.

"… we got our autistic son a medical grade sheepskin which he gets great sensory feedback from, he also loves to play with it and he gets great comfort from it, I would highly recommend a medical grade sheepskin rug as part of a sensory diet."***** Google Review 

"I'm doing unbelievably well with my hip pain. I really can only credit the sheepskin because absolutely nothing else has changed - not my diet, or the supplements I take, not pain medication - nothing. 
The benefits I get from sleeping on it are also extending into the day. 
I really cannot overemphasize how much of a life-changer your sheepskin has been for me!"
A. O'Connor, Customer

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